Crochet with Attitude

Recent Freeform Crochet Scarves

Flower Vine                              Forest Floor                    

Mauve Flower                              Granite Leaves

Blue and Brown                 Cream Puff

Woodland Princess                    Winter Wonderland

White Queen                                    Violet Flowers

Sand Flowers                        Northern Sunset

Mountain Stream                        Midnight Beauty

French Floral                                        Foggy Night

Blue Lei                                    Blue Dragonfly

Older Scarves

Molas Scarf

This scarf was inspired by the Molas quilting technique used by the Kuna people of the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama. For my Molas scarf, I chose similar colors but used only geometric shapes, creating and piecing each shape together as I went. The shapes are worked primarily in single crochet often in the back loops only. I then edged the entire scarf with a single color to pull the whole thing together. 

Mermaid Scarf

This scarf sprang from a scrumble bag that I had assembled to make a mermaid freeform crochet flat doll. I only got the tail done before I reverted to scarf making again. Ah well, gotta feed the muse. She likes to eat yarn. :-)


Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

This freeform crochet scarf incorporates a bit of knitting (upper left of photo). I like to add bits and pieces of other people's abandoned projects that I find at thrift stores.



 Baja Scarf

This scarf is based on a pattern that I call "Baja Scarf," because I made the first one while visiting the Baja region of Mexico. It incorporates a lot of bright desert colors reminiscent of  desert flowers.

 The body of the scarf is constructed in one piece from one end to the other of crocheted blocks of color worked in different stitches. Next, I crocheted the flowers and sewed them on at strategic locations. After that, I added the ruffles worked along the edges of the color changes in the blocks. Finally, I made the fringes a la Prudence Mapstone style.

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