Crochet with Attitude


Selected images and links for venues where my work has been exhibited. Also see the Fiber Arts page on my other web site

Scarf Crazy Online Exhibition

I had three scarves in an exhibition for the Scarf Crazy Yahoo group.

Bothell Library - January, February 2005

My items, the Chocolate Dreams scarf, Tribal Princess mask, and Sea Garden purse on display.  


I am in the following handbag exhibitions at

  • March 2004: A Walk in the Woods, Mod Triangle Bag, Moonlit Night, Neopolitan, Pink Passion, Pretty in Pink, Will Work for Yarn
  • June 2004: Midnight Oasis, Sea Garden
  • Feb 2005: Spring Meadow

 I am in the following hat exhibitions at

  • May 2004: Heritage Mosaic (also worn at the CGOA 2004 fashion show - pictures soon!)
  • August 2004: Crazy Indian
  • Feb 2005: Rag Tag Hat, Rag Tail Hat, Raggedy Bowl Hat, Raggedy Kitty Hat

Fashion Shows

CGOA Chain Link Conference, July 2011, Minneapolis

My one-of-a-kind freeform crochet top was modeled in the fashion show.

 Chain Link Conference, July 2004, New Hampshire.


Heritage Mosaic hat


Pistachio poncho


Rhythm & Blues sweater

Stitches that Heal

I had several doilies in an exhibit by fiber artist Akiko Kotani. Check out the following stories for details:


The Art of Being Tactile: Works in Fiber, October 1 - November 3, 2003. My purse, Moonlight Night, was featured in this show.

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