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About freeform crochet
Much of my not-so-everyday crochet is freeform crochet. Freeform is crochet that is usually worked without a specific pattern. Often, it is bits of crochet attached to each other while frequently changing yarns, stitches, colors, and hook size (although it doesn't have to be). It can also include knitting, beads, embroidery, or whatever! The beauty of freeform is that it really sets you free from a specific format to create whatever comes into your head!

A small selection of the freeform crochet items that I've made follows. Any items that are currently for sale can be found on

Sea Garden
Made to look like an undersea garden, this handbag has a freeform crochet piece sewn to the front of a recycled purse. Most of my purses consist of freeform crochet worked over a recycled purse. The crochet is sewn to the purse, so that it will not come loose.

Spring Meadow
I started this purse in Prudence Mapstone's freeform purse class at the national 2004 CGOA conference and finally finished it in January 2005! It consists of flower and leaf motifs sewn to a mesh purse form. I got the bamboo handles from an old purse that I bought at a thrift store. I then added beads and several leaf-shaped pins (also found at a thrift store). I'm working on the lining now (which is the part I hate doing most because it involves hand sewing). This purse is also on display at

Tribal Princess
This mask is made of freeform crochet over a plastic mask form. The freeform is done in cotton crochet thread with bead embellishments. The backing is black felt and it ties in the back of the head.



         Moonlit Night

This purse represents the peaceful nights I spent with myself. The large picture shows one side, while the small shows a close-up of the other side. This purse was featured in an art exhibition at and in the March 2004 exhibition at

          Will Work For Yarn

This fun purse was made from a collection of many yarns. It found a good home with my sister, Tracey.

With this bag, I took a purchased tote (bought at Big Lots) and made freeform crochet pieces to fit the patchwork shapes on the front of the bag. Then, I sewed the freeform to the stitching.









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