Crochet with Attitude


My latest hat is a sample for a crochet pattern: the Irish Lass Hat.

Her are some older hats that were purchased at a thrift store and then embellished with freeform crochet. Photos by Edward Bruns.

Anemone Hat

A crocheted acrylic hat with a burst of underwater growth on top.



Flower Garden Hat

A nice knitted hat with flowers, leaves, and vines.


Green and Gold Glitter Hat

Crocheted openwork skully with a touch of gold glittery yarn. This one didn't come from the thrift store. It was made with DMC Senso cotton.


Orange Flower Garden Hat

Another knitted hat. I edged the brim with a row of single crochet and adorned it with flowers and vines in fall colors.



Earflap Hats

I had some left over scrumbles and for a long time couldn't figure out what to do with them. Finally, I had the idea to use them like emblems or patches on a cap. I'd seen some young men wearing this type of hat with earflaps, so I came up with a pattern. I usually do a round of single crochet around the scrumble to give it definition and then sew it to the hat.  The scrumble on freeform hat #1 has spring green, teal, black, white, and a little yellow. The body of the hat is made with a nice gold cotton yarn. The earflaps are large and ribbed.

This hat is made from acrylic yarn in a neutral taupe color and has navy trim. The scrumble is red, white, navy, and taupe colors.  


This hat has a scrumble of gray, black, and green polyester yarn that is very soft and fuzzy. The hat itself is made from a dark gray acrylic yarn with thin black trim and laces.



Heritage Mosaic 

In 2003, I started trying to crochet Tlingit designs, reflecting the influence of my hometown of Wrangell, Alaska. This hat, which I call Heritage Mosaic consists of a crocheted wool covering sewn onto an Italian-made straw hat. The crocheted covering is a kind of freeform, using motifs from Tlingit art to represent the community in which I was raised and the culture that influences me. The only complete motif (most are fragments) is the frog face (see below), representing the Kiksadi clan of my children and best friend, which can be seen in one of the pictures. The Italian hat underneath represents my biological European heritage (although my biological heritage is not Italian - I couldn't find a suitable Norwegian, Irish, English, or German hat!) This hat is in the May 2004 exhibit at $350.

My Heritage Mosaic hat was also featured in the gallery pages of the Sept/Oct issue of Belle Armoire. 


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